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How do I create an iClicker Connection for my TITANium course?

Add an iClicker Connection link to your course so that your students can easily find and add themselves to your iClicker course.

1. Sign in to the SmartClassroom computer. Launch the iClicker Cloud application from the Desktop.

Double click the iClicker Cloud icon on the Desktop.

Sign in Sign in icon.

1.1. If you see a security warning window, please click the Run button.

please click the Run button.

2. Enter your login email and password and click "Sign In".

PLEASE NOTE: Do not check the box "This is a personal computer. Sign me in automatically." if you are running iClicker Cloud from a smart classroom podium.

Enter your login email and password

3. Select your iClicker Cloud course and open the course settings.

Click either the gear icon in the side panel or the Edit button on your course dashboard.

gear icon

4. From the side menu of the popup window, select Grade Sync.

Grade Sync.

Please note: You can click "Cancel" at the bottom of the page after you're done copying the link.


6. Go to your Titanium course (the same course as your iClicker course). Click the gear icon and choose "Turn editing on".

 'Turn editing on'.

7. Click "Add an activity or resources".

8. Select "External tool" and then click Add.

then click Add.

Activity name: iClicker Connection

External tool name: Automatic, based on launch URL

Launch URL: [paste the URL copied from the iClicker Cloud app]

Launch Container: New Window [You may need to click "Show more..." to see more option]

Grade: enter the max point allocate to all iClicker activity

10. Review the iClicker Connection activity. You can now direct your students to connect to your course via this activity.

Students need only to click this link once.  After they have created an account and register their remote they will not need to use this link anymore.  

IClicker Connection link