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How do I re-establish a Turnitin assignment link?

You will learn how to re-establish a Turnitin assignment link within your course in TITANium. Every time a course is copied, all of the Turnitin assignment links must be re-established or reconfigured for the new course.

Follow these steps below after you have copied, imported, duplicated (used Backup/Restore or Simple Restore) to bring your content from one course to another.

1. Enter your course in TITANium.

Below is a sample course.

course main page

2. Click on the Gear icon.

 Gear icon is selected.

3. Turn editing on.

The Gear menu reveals the following links: Edit settings, Turn editing on, Filters, Gradebook setup, Outcomes, Backup, Restore, Import, Recycle bin, Reset, and More...

Turn editing on is selected.
Turnitin link is selected.

5. Click on Edit.

 Edit link is selected.

6. Select Edit settings.

Edit settings is selected.

7. Under External tool type, select Turnitin Assignment.

 Turnitin Assignment is selected.

8. Under Launch container, select New window.

New window is selected.

9. Under Grade, type the appropriate number of points.

100 points is the default. Choose an integer between 0 and 200. Note that the Maximum points field here must match the Max Grade field in Step 17 below. If you would like no grade for this assignment, select Grade type: None.

Maximum points field is selected.

10. Click on Save and display.

Save and display button is selected.

11. If the new window is blocked, click on the Pop-up blocker text or icon.

This example is for Chrome on a PC. However, all of the major web browsers have some type of message stating that the new window or pop-up is blocked.

Pop-up blocked message

12. Select to always allow pop-up from this site.

Always allow pop-up from this site is selected.

13. Click on Done.

Done button is selected.
Response paper is selected in the breadcrumb.

15. The Turnitin assignment window now opens and displays.

16. Click on the Settings tab.

Settings tab is selected.

17. Type instructions.

This is optional. You may already have instructions somewhere else.

instructions field is selected

18. Adjust the Max Grade , the Start date, the Due date, and Feedback release date.

Be sure to set the Max Grade field to be the same integer as you did in Step 8 above. The Start date must be before the Due date. Likewise, the Due date must be on or before the Feedback release date. The Feedback release date determines when students will see their grades and comments from within the Turnitin assignment link.

However, due to the nature of the External tool, the grade that you enter in a Turnitin assignment will be posted to the students Grades as soon as you grade it. The Comments on the other hand, will display on the Feedback release date.

Max Grade field is selected.

19. Select to not allow any file type.

If you want to receive a Originality Report, which is probably the main reason for even using Turnitin, then you need to select No for Allow submission of any type. This will then only allow files which Turnitin can analyze.

The default Optional settings are fine for most Turnitin assignments. However, you may want to add a rubric or allow late submissions or allow students to view the Originality Report. In those cases, you can then click on Optional settings.

Allow submission of any file type? No is selected.

20. Click on Submit.

 Submit button is selected.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to re-establish a Turnitin assignment link within your course in TITANium. Remember, this will need to be done every time you copy a Turnitin assignment from one course to another or even within the same course.