How do I add comments in Turnitin?

You will learn how to create comments in your Turnitin assignment which students can then view. The types of comments include highlighting text from the student's work, pointing out grammar and punctuation mistakes where they occur within the paper, and providing an overall evaluation via text or audio recording.

You must have already created a Turnitin assignment within your course and at least one student must have already submitted a paper.

In this case, the Turnitin assignment is called First Draft - Final Report. You will be taken to the "Assignment Inbox" within the Turnitin container.

Turnitin assignment link is selected.

2. Click on the Pencil icon to select a paper to grade.

When you click on the Pencil icon, the Turnitin Document Viewer will open in a new window to display the GradeMark tool. A tool for adding comments and notations to a student's work.

3. The Document Viewer displays the student's paper on the left and the marking menu on the right.

The selected paper will open in a new window called the Turnitin Document Viewer. If you do not see the newly opened window you may need to disable your web browser's pop-up blocker. The GradeMark tab should be selected by default, but if it is not, then click on the the GradeMark tab.

The sub-steps below this image will guide you through the major aspects of grading and commenting within GradeMark®.

GradeMark tab is selected.

4. Highlight and comment on some text on the paper.

4.1. Highlight text by dragging the mouse pointer across some text.

some text is highlighted.

4.2. Click on the highlighted text and type a comment.

Or, you can also change the color of the highlight. There are five color choices.

Comment field is selected.

4.3. Click on Save.

Save button is selected.

4.4. A Speech bubble will now display where you placed your comment.

Speech bubble icon is selected.

5. Add a QuickMark comment to the paper.

5.1. Click on the Change QuickMark Set menu.

The QuickMark comments are in categories. Use the menu to select the category you want.

QuickMark Set menu is selected.

5.2. Select the desired category.

Composition is selected.

5.3. Hover your mouse to see the description for a given term.

'Wordy' is selected.

5.4. Drag the comment to a location on the student paper.

Wordy appears over the document.

5.5. Release the mouse and the description will display.

The description of Wordy appears.

5.6. Now the word bubble displays at the chosen location.

Wordy is now over the text.

6. Create a new QuickMark comment.

6.1. Click on the desired location in the student's paper.

The text comment box will appear.

student's paper displays.

6.2. Type a text comment.

Comment is selected.

6.3. Click on Save as new QuickMark.

TITLE field is selected.

6.4. Type a Title for the new QuickMark.

Type a Title for the new QuickMark.

6.5. Select a category.

SET field is selected.

6.6. Click on Save.

Save button is selected.

6.7. The Text bubble will appear on the paper.

Text bubble appears on the paper.

6.8. The new QuickMark will appear in the desired category.

New Bullet is selected.

7. Create a custom comment.

7.1. Drag the Comment button to the desired location on the paper.

Comment appears on text of paper.

7.2. Type a text comment.

Text description field is selected.

7.3. Click on Save.

Save button is selected.

7.4. A text bubble appears in that location.

text bubble appears over text of paper.

7.5. Hover your mouse over the text bubble to display the text or to edit.

Text description displays.

8. Type text directly on the student's paper.

8.1. Click on the Text Comment icon.

The Text Comment icon looks like a capital T located on the right side of the Turnitin Document Viewer window.

Text Comment icon is selected.

8.2. Click on the desired location on the student's paper.

Location on the paper is selected.

8.3. Type a text comment.

Text comment is selected.

8.4. When finished, click outside of the text box.

The text comment will then be saved.

Comment appears on paper.

9. Create a general comment/feedback for the entire paper.

9.1. Click on the icon called View/edit a general comment for the entire paper.

The icon to create and edit a general comment on the entire paper is in the bottom right of the Turnitin Document Viewer window, and looks like a text bubble.

Feedback Comment button is selected.

9.2. Click on the Text Comment area.

Text Comment area is selected.

9.3. Type the text comment.

5000 characters is the maximum comment length.

Edit text field is selected.

9.4. Click on Save when finished.

Save button is selected.

9.5. Click on the X at the top-right of the Turnitin Document Viewer window.

This will close the Turnitin Document Viewer window.

X is selected.

Article Summary

You have learned how to use the GradeMark to create useful comments on a student's paper within a Turnitin assignment.