How do I add a voice comment in Turnitin?

You will learn how to create a voice comment for a student in a Turnitin assignment in your course in TITANium.

You should already have created a Turnitin assignment within your course.

Turnitin assignment link is selected.

2. Click on the Pencil icon.

QuickMark is displayed within the Turnitin Document Viewer by default when you click on the Pencil icon.

 Pencil icon is selected.

3. The Turnitin Document Viewer opens in a new window.

Turnitin Document Viewer

4. Click on the View/edit a general comment for this entire paper icon.

View/edit button is selected.

5. Click on the microphone icon to create a voice recording.

microphone icon is selected.

6. Click on the play icon.

The Adobe Flash Player plug-in is used to record audio. In order for Flash Player to use your microphone, it must have your permission.

 play icon is selected.

7. Click on Allow.

 Allow radio button is selected.

8. Click on Remember.

Remember checkbox is checked.

9. Record your audio message.

The maximum recording time is 3 minutes.

Recording interface.

10. Click on Stop when you are finished recording.

Stop button is selected.

11. Click on Save recording.

 Save recording button is selected.

12. Listen to the recording (or delete the recording and start over).

Play button is selected.

13. Click on the grade field to add a grade.

You can enter the grade for this paper by clicking on the grade field in the top-right corner of the page (optional). A student can still listen to a voice recording even if the paper is not graded.

Grade field is selected.

14. Click on the X to close the Turnitin Document Viewer window.

X  is selected to close the window.

15. The Assignment Inbox displays.

Assignment Inbox displays

16. How does a student listen to my voice recording?

course main page

16.2. The student clicks on the Pencil icon.

Pencil icon is selected.

16.3. The student clicks on the Play button to listen to the audio recording.

Play button is selected.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to create a voice comment for a student in a Turnitin assignment.