How do I import a Turnitin rubric?

You will learn how to import a rubric into the Turnitin assignment in your course in TITANium. Before you can import a rubric, you must first create a Turnitin assignment in your course. You must also have a Turnitin rubric (.rbc) file which can be exported from some other instructor's Turnitin assignment or downloaded from the Internet (, such as the rubric used in this example.

Turnitin assignment link is selected.

2. Click on the Settings tab.

Settings tab is selected.

3. Click on Optional settings.

Optional settings link is selected.

4. Click on Launch Rubric Manager.

The link to launch the Rubric Manager is in the Attach a rubric to this assignment section of the Optional settings.

Launch Rubric Manager is selected.

5. Click on the View/Import Export Options icon.

The rubric template will appear within the Rubric Manager.

View/Import Export Options icon is selected.

6. Select Import.

Import is selected.

7. Drag the rubric file to the import box.

Import box is selected.

8. Click on the Back to Rubric Form manager icon.

Back to Rubric Form manager icon is selected.

9. Click on the View available rubrics and rubric option menu.

View available rubrics and rubric option menu is selected.

10. Select Reflection Paper.

Select the title of the rubric you want to use.

Reflection Paper rubric is selected.

11. The Reflection Paper rubric displays.

Reflection Paper rubric page

12. Click on the red X to close the window.

X to close the window

13. Select Reflection Paper in the drop down list of rubrics.

Back on the Settings page, select the title of the rubric you just imported.

Reflection Paper is selected.

14. Click on Submit.

Your rubric is now attached to this one Turnitin assignment.

Submit button is selected.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to import a Turnitin rubric and attach it to a specific Turnitin assignment in your course.