TITANium Resource CenterTurnitin Grades and CommentsHow can students view Turnitin comments provided by their instructor?

How can students view Turnitin comments provided by their instructor?

You will learn how to view the grade and feedback comments your instructor created for you in Turnitin.

Once the instructor of your course has made the feedback available to students, you, as a student, can view your grade and feedback comments as created by your instructor. These instructions are intended for classes using TITANium to link to Turnitin assignments.

Turnitin link is selected.

Remember that the Turnitin link in TITANium uses a puzzle piece shaped icon.

2. Verify the Feedback release date

Click on the title of the assignment or on the Summary tab to view the instructions and dates for this assignment. Verify that the Feedback release date and time has already passed.

3. Click on the title of your paper or on the Pencil icon

4. Note the Comment icon on top of the paper and the Text Comment column on the right side of the paper

The Comment icon looks like a speech bubble with a squared light-blue background.

5. Hover your mouse over the Comment icon to view that comment

6. As you scroll down through the paper, other comments may appear

Article Summary

You have learned how to view the feedback comments as provided by your instructor using Turnitin's GradeMark feature.