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Student: How do I include a picture in my forum post?

You will learn how to insert/add an image or picture to your forum post in your course in TITANium.

Follow these steps to add a photo (or any image file) to your post in a forum.

Note: The first forum on your course main page is usually the News forum which is meant for your instructor to post messages (and automatically send out an email) to the participants in the course.

The second forum listed in this sample course is intended for students to post an introduction.

Introductions forum link selected.

2. Click on Add a new topic.

Depending upon the forum type, the name of the button may be "Add a new topic", "Add a new discussion topic" or "Reply".

Add a new topic button is selected

3. Type a title.

Subject field is selected.

4. Type text in the Message textbox.

You can also add other content to a forum, such as a YouTube video.

Message field is selected

5. Drag and drop your image file from your computer to the Message textbox.

Tip: you should edit (resize) the image before including it in your post. Most computers come with some type of simple image editing software such as Paint in Windows.

picture file dragged to Message field

6. The image will appear in the textbox.

The picture appears in the Message field

7. Double-click the image.

Or, click once on the image and then click on the "Insert image" button in the textbox toolbar.

the picture in the Message field is selected

8. Deselect the 'Description not necessary' box.

 'Description not necessary' checkbox is selected

9. Type a description for the image.

The description should be greater than 6 but less than 81 characters according to CSU requirements. If the image is complicated, then you may need to add text after the image explaining the contents of the image (such as for a graph, chart or diagram). This will be helpful for other students or users who are using a screen reader like JAWS because of low vision, blindness or other reasons.

The Description field is selected.

What if the image is larger than I desire? How can I change the display size?

the size fields are selected

Click on the Auto size checkbox.

Auto size checkbox is ticked

Type a new value in the horizontal or vertical field.

horizontal field is selected

The other field should auto adjust to your new value.

Vertical field is selected

10. Click on Save image.

Save is selected.

11. The image will now display with the new dimensions.

Message field is selected

12. Click on Post to forum.

Post to forum button is selected.

13. The forum post will display with the image.

Note: For any students or faculty who are subscribed to this forum, the email sent to them will NOT contain any images which you have uploaded to the forum. A user must log in to the course in order to see the image in the post. The one exception is if the image is linked from a public website rather than uploaded.

The forum post displays

Article Summary

You have now learned how to insert/add an image or picture to your forum post in your course in TITANium.