Student: Why can't I see my course?

You will learn why your course is not yet visible to you in your Dashboard in TITANium. Also, you will learn where the link to your course may be located.

1. Enter TITANium via the CSUF Portal.

Read this guide to learn how to login.

No courses are displayed in your Dashboard.

Timeline is the default view when you enter the Dashboard. If the instructor has opened the course and has entered due dates and activity completion dates, then you will see them listed. If not, then no course information will display.

Note: (1) If you receive an error message instead of the Dashboard page, contact the Student IT HelpDesk at or 657-278-8888. Let them know about the error message. (2) Once you have registered for a course in Titan Online, it will take about 24 hours for your enrollment in TITANium to take effect.

Timeline view with no activities listed

2. Click on the Courses tab.

If you do not have any activities listed in the Timeline tab, click on the Courses tab.

Timeline view with no activities listed

3. Click on the Future tab.

Tip: If your course is not listed in the In progress tab, try the Future tab. Courses are organized by Start and End dates.

If, after trying these three tabs, and you still do not see your course, it is likely that the instructor has not yet made the course visible to students.

Future tab is selected.

4. Your course is now listed.

Note: This sample course has been opened by the instructor even though the start date has not yet been reached. Once the start date has passed, then the course will be listed in the In progress tab.

Future tab is displayed showing one course.
View a Sample Dashboard showing upcoming activities.

Now that the instructor has made the course visible, the students can see the course activities listed by due date or activity completion date.

Dashboard showing one course.

Article Summary

You have now learned why some of your courses might not be visible on your Dashboard within TITANium.