How do I use weighted mean for my gradebook?

You will learn how to change the default course aggregation method from "Natural" (sum of grades) to "Weighted mean of grades". This will allow you to weight individual Grade items and/or Categories of Grate items.

1. Click on Grades.

Click on Grades.

2. Click on Setup.

When you click on Setup, it will expand to show sub-categories. The Setup link is in the Administration block in the left-hand column of the Grader report page. The Grader report page opens by default when you, as the instructor, enter Grades.

3. Click on Categories and items.

4. Click on Edit.

Each Category and each Grade item has an associated Edit link. Click on the Edit link for the main grade category which by default has the same name as the course name.

Note that the Max grade column shows a maximum value of 675 points.

5. Click on Edit settings.

Click on Edit settings.

6. Select Weighted mean of grades from the drop-down menu.

Use the Aggregration drop-down menu to select Weighted mean of grades.

7. Click on Save changes.

Click on Save changes.

8. View the Categories and items page.

Note that the Max grade column now shows a maximum value of 100. This represents 100%.

9. Assign weight values to each Grade item and Category.

Now to give weight to your Grade items and Categories, use the Weights column to assign a relative value.

Assign weight values to each Grade item and Category.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to change the course aggregation method from Natural to Weighted mean of grades.