How do I add Extra Credit to my simple face-to-face gradebook?

You will learn how to add an extra credit Grade item to your simple Natural aggregation method (default aggregation method) gradebook. Read this guide to learn how to create a basic gradebook.

An extra credit grade item does not count against a student if they do not do it. It does, however, count points for any student who did do it, thus enabling a student to potentially get over 100% of the course total in a course.

1. View the grade breakdown in your syllabus.

Note the extra credit item at the bottom.

Assignments Points
Bio and Photo
Opinion Paper
Critical Analysis
Social Order
Research Proposal
Final Exam 125
Ask a question! forum 5 extra credit

2. Click on the Gear icon.

3. Select Gradebook setup.

4. The Gradebook setup page now displays.

5. Click on Add grade item.

6. Type a title.

7. Type a grade value.

8. Click on Save changes.

9. The new grade item is listed and has been added to the course total.

10. Click on Edit.

11. Select Edit settings.

12. Tick the Extra credit checkbox.

13. Click on Save changes.

14. Note that the course total no longer includes the extra credit grade item.

15. The extra credit grade item now has a little plus/minus symbol next to the maximum grade to let you know that it is extra credit.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to add an extra credit grade item to a basic gradebook for your course.


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