How do I add an H5P activity in my TITANium course?

You will learn how to add an H5P interactive content Activity to your TITANium course.

H5P enables you to easily create and display engaging HTML5-based instructional content and learning activities within your course.  All you need is a web browser and the media and elements (e.g., video, audio, images, and your prepared text or quiz questions) that you will include in your H5P content.  With H5P, you can build interactive course presentations, games, quizzes, charts, add social media or audio files, and embed interactions, navigation and quizzes into multimedia content such as images and videos.  You can also organize large amounts of instructional content within H5P content, thereby reducing page clutter and scrolling.  Learn more about H5P content creation here.

H5P content is linked to your TITANium course gradebook by default, giving you the ability to make any H5P activity or content type a graded assignment, while improving your learners’ engagement with your material.

1. Enter your TITANium course.

Titanium course site - top of page

2. Click on the Gear icon.

gear icon is selected.

3. Turn editing on.

Turn editing on is selected.

4. Click on Add an activity or resource.

Add an activity or resource link is selected

5. Select H5P Interactive Content.

H5P Interactive Content is selected

6. Click on Add.

 Add button is selected

7. Add an Activity name.

The Activity name is a plain text entry field. This will be the name of the link to the Activity on the course main page and within the gradebook.

Name field is selected

Including an action word in the name, e.g., Watch, makes the purpose of the link clear.

8. Select the H5P Activity grade settings.

By default, H5P activities create a scored gradebook column in TITANium.  Enter the maximum point value within the Maximum grade field.

Enter the Maximum grade for the activity in the Maximum grade field.

To create non-scored H5P activities, give the H5P Activity a grade value of zero. Then create a gradebook category for non-scored grade items (e.g., “Non-graded Activities”) in your Course gradebook book.  Then move the non-scored H5P activity to the non-scored grade items category. This will prevent a score value from being added to your gradebook totals.

9. Click on Editor.

Editor field is selected.

10. Select your preferred H5P Content Type

Click on the H5P Select Content Type button.  A scrollable dropdown list of the currently available H5P interactive content types available in TITANium will appear.  Scroll the unordered list of types and click on the item that you wish to create.  

Use button is selected.

Follow the H5P steps for the individual activity type.

After you have selected the type of activity you would like to create, you will be shown the settings and options panel for that activity type.  Each Activity type has different individual settings that are separate from the settings for its page within your TITANium course.  

H5P activity settings panel.

Some H5P interactive content types are more accessible for students with special needs than others.  To date, the most accessible H5P content types are:

  • Accordion
  • Arithmetic Quiz
  • Audio Recorder
  • Chart
  • Collage
  • Course Presentation
  • Dialog Cards
  • Documentation Tool
  • Drag the Words
  • Drag and Drop
  • Guess the Answer
  • Image Hotspots
  • Interactive Video
  • Mark the Words
  • Memory Game
  • Multiple Choice
  • Question Set
  • Single Choice Set
  • Summary
  • True/False Question

11. Save and display.

Enter final display choices. To save your settings and display the H5P Activity screen, click Save and display.

Display options fields are checked.

Resources for further Learning.

H5P Content Author Guide at


You have now learned how to add an H5P interactive content Activity to your course.