How do I add an External tool activity?

You will learn how to create an External tool activity in your course in TITANium. The most commonly used External tool module is Turnitin. Do you want to learn how to create a Turnitin Assignment?

The External tool activity module is primarily used for external (to TITANium) web services which are designed to interact with TITANium. Some of them are allowed to communicate with the gradebook; others are simply allowing students access to protected content.

Follow the steps below to use the External tool activity to link to NBC Learn. This will allow students to search the NBC Learn database of video news clips.

1. Enter your course.

2. Turn editing on.

Click the Turn editing on link within the ADMINISTRATION block or click on the Turn editing on button at the top right-corner of the course main page.

3. View the course with editing turned on.

4. Click on Add resource or activity.

5. Select External tool.

Select External tool.

6. Click on Add.

Click on Add.

7. Type an Activity name.

Type an Activity name.

8. View the list of available external tools.

In the External tool type section, click on Automatic, based on launch URL to view the list of currently available External tool types.

View the list of available external tools.

9. Select NBC Learn.

Select NBC Learn.

10. Select Embed, without blocks.

Embed, without blocks or New window are generally the best choices for most external tool types. Selecting to open in a New window may cause the web browser's pop up block to block it the first time. Users may need click on the link a second time to open it.

Select Embed, without blocks.

11. Change Grade to None.

Since the NBC Learn tool is simply for searching their database of video clips, no grade is needed. However, a grade column will still be created in Grades.

Change Grade to None.

12. The link is now on the course main page.

13. Student view of NBC Learn.

When a student clicks on the link from the course main page, they can then search the database for the appropriate video clip.

Student view of NBC Learn.

You have now learned how to add an External tool activity to your course in TITANium.


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