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How do I post an announcement in the Announcements forum?

You will learn how to post an announcement to the Announcements forum (previously called the News forum) in your course in TITANium.

The Announcements forum is a powerful communication tool automatically included in the top section of your course. The Announcements forum is set, so that only you, as the instructor, can post an announcement. All students are subscribed to this forum, and therefore, receive an email every time you create a new post. Students cannot reply to the emails they receive.

You can hide, delete, or rename the Announcements forum to suit your teaching style. The Latest News block is connected to the Announcements forum, but is not necessary.

Enter your course in TITANium and click on the News forum link.
Click on the Announcements link.

3. Click on Add a new topic.

Click on Add a new topic.

4. Write your Subject.

In the Message text box, you may include text, hyperlinks, images, video, etc. However, students will only be able to see images, video and other media (and file attachments) when they are logged in to the course and have clicked on the Announcements forum link from the course main page.

The email they receive will only include formatted text (including hyperlinks).

Write your Subject and Message.

5. Type a Message.

You can insert hyperlinks into your post. You can also add video, audio, and images; however, those items will not be included in the email that goes to each user in the course. The student will need to click on the link in the email in order to view attachments or log in to the course and click on the link to the Announcements forum.

Type a Message.

6. Attach a file if desired.

Note: You can attach a file but it will not be included in the email that is sent out. A link will be in the email to the attachment requiring login to the CSUF Portal.

7. Check pinned if desired.

Pinned will cause this post to be at the top of the list of posts within that forum.

8. Check Send forum post if desired.

Normally, each time you make a forum post, you have 30 minutes to edit it before the email is sent to all subscribed users. Checking this box will send the email right away.

9. Set the display period if desired.

The Display period will make the post visible only during that date range. The post will still have the original post date on it but will only be visible to students during that date range. The email that is sent out will be sent at the start of the Display start date.

10. Click on Post to forum.

11. The post will now be listed in the forum.

Would you like to edit the post?

11.1. Click on the title of the post.

11.2. Click Edit or Delete as desired.

Once you delete a post, it cannot be retrieved. It is gone for good.

12. An email will be sent to each user in the course.

In a regular forum, a student can click on the Reply link at the bottom of the email to login to the course and to create a reply post. However, in an Announcements forum students cannot reply, nor can they post.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to post to the Announcements forum in your course in TITANium.


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