How do I log in to TITANium?

You will learn how to log in to the CSUF Portal and then into TITANium to see your list of courses.

1. Go to

Type in your web browser address and hit Enter.

Go to to access the CSUF portal

2. Sign into the Portal

  1. Type your username.
  2. Type your password.
  3. Click the Sign In button.

Please contact your department if you do not have a username and password to access the CSUF Portal.

4. Click on the TITANium - Summer 2017 to Fall 2017 button

The TITANium buttons at the top of the page, link to the current Academic Year courses and the TITANium Communities site.

Links to courses in prior academic periods are listed at the bottom of this page.

Click on the TITANium-A Moodle System button at the top of the page

5. Dashboard

In a new window, you will see the Dashboard page where your courses are listed. Click on a course title link to enter a course.

Your "My Home" page will list your current courses

Article Summary

You have now learned how to log in to the Cal State Fullerton Portal and TITANium.


Robert Engels

Can't sign in to Titanium

Ken Moyer

If you are getting an error message or for some other reason cannot log in to TITANium, you should contact the IT Help Desk at 657-278-7777 or email


What is the difference between TITANium for the current term and TITANium Communities? Also, if I wanted to talk with someone about a potential creative use for TITANium, who would that contact be?

Ken Moyer

TITANium Communities is a separate instance of Moodle and is persistent, meaning you can continue to use the same community year after year for teacher, club or other collaboration; whereas, TITANium Courses has a new instance every academic year and is automatically populated with students and teachers according to Titan Online.

Instructional Designers are available to work with faculty in implementing best practices in their online courses. Contact

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