How do I add the Simple Restore block to my course?

You will learn how to add the Simple Restore block to your course main page in TITANium or in TITANium Communities.

If the Simple Restore block currently does not appear on your course main page, follow these steps to add it.

This guide is for TITANium 3.4 (2018-2019).

Simple Restore block as seen from the course main page

1. Enter your 2018-2019 course.

course main page

2. Click on the Gear menu.

Gear icon is selected.

3. Select Turn editing on.

The sample course below displays the Gear menu (top right-hand corner of the course site). The Gear menu reveals the  following links: Edit settings, Turn editing on, Course completion, Filters, Gradebook  setup, Outcomes, Backup, Restore, Import, Reset, and More...

 Turn editing on is slelected.

4. Scroll down the Nav drawer

Nav drawer is selected.

5. Click on Add a block

Add a block is selected.

6. Click on Simple Restore

 Simple Restore is selected.

7. The Simple Restore block now displays in your course.

The Simple Restore block is now available to import content into your course from a course backup file.

Read this guide to learn how to import course materials into your course using Simple Restore.

Simple restore block is selected.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to add the Simple Restore block to your course page in TITANium (2018-2019).


Read this guide to learn how to use Simple Restore to copy your course from a Backup file.