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OET Staff: How do I upload videos to a collection and link that collection to an instructor's course?

Follow these steps to upload video and/or audio assets to a Collection within ShareStream MediaManager and then link that Collection to an instructor's course in TITANium.

Do not use Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7.

1. Enter the Instructor's course in TITANium.

What if the MediaManager doesn't log me in?

If the MediaManager doesn't log you in when you click on the link (see screenshot below), click on the link to the course main page, then click on the MediaManager link again, or try refreshing the web page.

What if that doesn't log me in?

You may need to delete your web browser history, close the web browser, then open it again. Or, try a different web browser, like Chrome or FireFox.

Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 might not play the videos hosted in ShareStream, so use Chrome or another web browser.

3. If the MediaManager Wizard appears, select No.

If there are no assets in this course's ShareStream MediaManager folder, the MediaManager Wizard will load.

On the contrary, if there are assets to bring in from another course or folder within ShareStream, then click on Yes. Type the name of the course and select.

4. Click on Proceed.

5. The MediaManager will load.

6. Click on MediaManager Multi-Course View.

7. The Multi-Course view of the MediaManager should load in a new window.

All of the courses you have accessed with MediaManager at the course level will display. Once you enter the MediaManager through a course, the folder for that course will stay on your list.

8. Click on Collections Folder.

It should be down toward the bottom of the list of folders.

9. Click on the folder for OET.

10. Click on the instructor's name.

Note: In this sample the instructor name is listed as FirstName_LastName. Our current naming convention is LastName_FirstName. In other words, it should be Montoya_John.

What if the instructor's name is not listed?

Follow these steps to add a new folder to the OET collection.

10.1. Right-mouse click on the Collections Folder.

10.2. Select Add Collection.

10.3. Type the instructor's name.

10.4. Click on Save Collection.

10.5. Click on OK.

10.6. The instructor's folder is now listed.

Now, you are ready to upload some media assets.

11. Click on Uploader.

12. Drag your video files to the file upload area.

10 is the maximum number of video and audio assets you can upload per batch. You can upload several batches in the same upload session.

The maximum file size upload limit using a web browser is 3 GB.

13. Wait for the files to upload and transcode.

Longer videos will of course take longer to upload and transcode. Videos will be transcoded to M4V (at least two versions will be created based on data rate). Audio will be transcoded to M4A (at least two versions based on data rate).

Note: You must leave the uploader window open until the transcoding process is complete.

14. Edit the Title and Description for each asset if needed.

15. When the upload and transcode is complete, click on Publish All Assets.

Wait. I got an upload error. What do I do?

If you receive this error when trying to upload, close the web browser. Then, reopen it and return to the Uploader. Your video might still be listed in the Uploader. Click on Publish All Assets again.

If the media assets are not in the Uploader, then you will have to upload them again.

Note: a 109 error code may require that the video you are trying to upload cannot be transcoded within ShareStream. You will need to transcode the video yourself before uploading.

16. Click on My Collections.

17. Click on the OET folder.

18. Click on the checkbox to the right of the instructor's folder.

19. Click on Publish All Assets.

20. Once you have a checkmark over each thumbnail, click on the 'X' to close the Uploader window.

21. The video assets are now located in the instructor's folder.

Now, let's link the collect to the instructor's course folder.

22. Right-click on the instructor's folder.

25. Click on OK.

26. Click on OK.

27. Click on OK.

28. Click on the name of the destination course.

Note the shortcut to the instructor's folder. So, from this point on any video or audio asset you upload to the instructor's folder in the the Collection folder will become available to the instructor via their course.

For additional course sections or future courses, the instructor must copy his/her media assets using the MediaManager Wizard or directly within the MediaManager Multi-Course View.

29. Click on the instructor's name and the videos will be listed.

30. Those linked videos will now be available to the instructor in their course.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to upload and link videos to a specific instructor's course in ShareStream and TITANium.


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