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How do I link to my VitalSource eTextbook with my course?

You will learn how to use the External tool to create a link for your students to view the Titan Direct Access (also called VitalSource) eTextbook you have selected for your course.

There are two main steps to this process:

1. Obtaining the vbid code

Follow these sub-steps to obtain the vbid code for your Titan Direct Access/VitalSource etextbook.

1.1. Login to the CSUF Portal.

Open your web browser and navigate to my.fullerton.edu. Type in your username and password as you normally would.


1.2. Locate the My Courses block.

Locate the My Courses block

1.3. Click on Add to TTITANium.

You have a direct link to your etextbook (by clicking on View EBook) and the link for the vbid code. By clicking on Add to TITANium, the vbid code will be revealed.

Click on Add to TTITANium

1.4. Click on Copy to Clipboard.

You have now located your vbid code for that specific course.

This code will be different for every course and every term you teach.  

Click on Copy to Clipboard

Article Summary

You have now learned how to use the External tool in TITANium to create a link to your eTextbook for your students.  

Remember, this process will need to be completed for each section of the course you teach. And, it will need to be repeated every new term.


Suzanne Scholz

Please add this eTextbook to BUAD 301.

Ken Moyer

Following this guide should help you to add the link yourself. However, if the guide is inadequate or you still need assistance, please email titaniumhelp@fullerton.edu and a service ticket will be created and a person assigned to assist you.

Dorothy Flynn

Please help me add the ebook to my EDEL 453a course shell and also to the EDEL 453b course shell.
thank you!

Ken Moyer

Did you receive an error message after following the steps in this guide? If you received an error message or send an email to helpdesk@fullerton.edu for assistance. Be sure to explain the steps you have taken and include a screenshot of the error message.

If you didn't receive an error message, is there a step in this guide where you got stuck? Contact titaniumhelp@fullerton.edu

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