TITANium Resource CenterFrequently Asked Questions External Tool activityHow do I link to my VitalSource eTextbook with my course?

How do I link to my VitalSource eTextbook with my course?

You will learn how to use the External tool to create a link for your students to view the Titan Direct Access (also called VitalSource) eTextbook you have selected for your course.

Follow these steps to add a link to the course etextbook.

This process has recently been simplified. The vbid code is no longer necessary unless you have a custom-named course. Follow these steps if you have a custom-named course.

1. Enter your course in TITANium.

Course main page

2. Click on the Gear icon.

gear icon is selected.

3. Click on Turn editing on.

The Gear menu reveals the following links: Edit settings, Turn editing on, Filters, Gradebook setup, Outcomes, Backup, Restore, Import, Recycle bin, Reset, and More...

Turn editing on is selected.

4. Click on Add activity or resource

Add activity or resource

5. Select External tool.

External tool is selected.

6. Click on Add.

Add button is selected.
Activity name field

8. Select 'VitalSource' from the drop down list.

VitalSource is selected.

9. Select New Window under Launch container.

New Window is selected.

10. Select None for grade Type.

Note: The External tool will create a gradebook column for this item. However, select None if you do not want points in the gradebook to be associated with this External tool. If you do want a gradebook column with points, select Scale or Point accordingly. Then, type a value for the maximum grade.

None is selected.

11. Click on Save and return to course.

Save and return to course button.
external tool link
Bookshelf welcome page

Article Summary

You have now learned how to use the External tool in TITANium to create a link to your eTextbook for your students.  

Remember, this process will need to be completed for each section of the course you teach. And, it will need to be repeated every new term.