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How do I enable self-enrollment for my Community?

You will learn how to enable Self-enrollment for your Community. This will allow any user in TITANium Communities to enroll himself/herself in your community.

Follow these steps after you have made your community visible to participants.

1. Enabling Self-enrollment in your community.

Follow these steps to enable self-enrollment for your community.

1.1. Enter your community.

1.2. Click on Users in the Administration block.

 Users link

1.3. Click on Enrollment methods.

When the Users link expands, click on Enrollment methods.

Enrolment methods link

1.4. Click on the Cog wheel for Self enrollment (participant).

Cog wheel for Self enrollment (participant) link.

1.5. Use the drop down menu to select Yes for Allow existing enrolments.

Allow existing enrolments has YES selected

1.6. Scroll down and type a welcome message if desired.

If you check the box and type a message, then each user who enrolls in your community will receive an email. This is optional.

Custom welcome message field

1.7. Click on Save changes.

Save changes button

1.8. Click on the closed eye to open it.

Closed eye icon
2. Self-enrolling in this community.

Follow these steps to self-enroll in a community.

2.1. Log-in to Communities.

This sample user below is currently not enrolled in any communities.

2.2. Click on Courses in the Navigation block.

 Courses link

2.3. Type the name of the community in the Search box and click on Go.

2.4. The title of the community will appear.

2.5. Click on the Self-enrollment icon.

2.6. Click on Enroll me.

2.7. The community main page now displays.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to enable Self-enrollment in your TITANium community, and you have learned how a user will self-enroll in your community.