How do I create a block with my contact information?

You will learn how to create an HTML block on your course main page where you can list your faculty information/contact information and display a photo, if desired.

1. Enter your course.

2. Click on Turn editing on.

Use either the link within the Administration block which by default is the first block in the left-hand column of the course main page or click on the Turn editing on button on the top right-hand corner of the page.

3. Select HTML from the Add a block tool.

Scroll down the page to the Add a block tool. By default, this block will be the last block listed in the left-hand column of the course main page. Select HTML as the block type to create.

HTML is selected

4. Click on the cog wheel of the NEW HTML BLOCK.

 cog wheel is selected

5. Click on Configure block.

 Configure block is selected

6. Type a title for the new block.

Block title field is selected.

7. Add some content.

You can include information like a photo (choose about 100 x 100 pixels), an email link, office hours, etc.

content added to textbox

8. Click on Save changes.

Save changes button is selected.

9. The block now appears on the course main page.

HTML block displays with photo and text.

10. Click on the crosshair.

Use the crosshair on any block, activity, or resource on the course main page to move the order of items. You can grab the crosshair and drag the block or activity or resource to a new location on the course main page.

 crosshair selected.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to post your faculty information or contact information within your course in TITANium. The HTML block can also be used for other information, such as a Student Resources block with links to campus services, like the Disabled Student Support office, IT Student Help Desk, the library, academic advising, etc.

block appears on course main page