What's new in TITANium 3.6 for 2019-2020?

You will learn about the new features offered in TITANium 3.6 for Cal State Fullerton faculty. Below are the most significant improvements you will see in our new version of TITANium for the academic year of 2019-2020.

This guide applies to TITANium 2019-2020.

Dashboard Improvements

The layout of the Dashboard has changed for faculty and for students. The default view shows your recently accessed courses at the top. Below that, you will see the list of your courses.

For more information about the new Dashboard, view this Moodle YouTube video. New features allow you to customize your course display, hide or favorite courses, show and sort by past, current or future courses, and sort by title or last accessed. New blocks allow you and the students to view by recently accessed activities, so that you (or they) can easily continue where you left off, and hide online status from other users.

sample instructor dasboard showing one activity needing attention.
Sample Student Dashboard

The student Dashboard looks essentially the same as the instructor dashboard with recently accessed courses at the top and then all of the visible courses listed below.

Note: In order for a student to see ANY courses, the instructor must first make it visible.

Sample student dashboard showing activities due in next 7 days
Check out some of the new blocks.

Recently accessed items block

This block is for students and instructors. It will display your most recently accessed or used activities and resources. Each one is a link, so you can navigate directly to where you left off.

Recently accessed items block is displayed.

Starred courses block

This block displays only the courses which you "star" or favorite.

So, if you have a lot of courses, but only use a few of them, then you should "star" the few, so that you don't have be constantly scrolling down the page to get to the courses you want.

Starred courses block is displayed.
How do I star a course?

Star a course by clicking on the three dots in the Course overview block and select "Star this course".

'Star this course' is selected.

Recently accessed courses block

The Recently accessed courses block will display the courses you have most recently accessed with the most recent one at the top of the list.

Recently accessed courses block is displayed

Online users block

The Online users block can hide you from other users seeing you as being "online" or logged in.

Just click on the Eye to hide yourself from other users.

Online users block is displayed
Messaging improvements including Group messaging.

As an instructor, you can create groups within your course and can enable students within each group to send a group message to all members of said group.

Follow this guide to learn how to enable group messaging for your students.

Moodle YouTube video

Group displays

Article Summary

You have now learned about the new features offered in TITANium 3.6 (academic year 2019-2020).

For more information about TITANium 3.6 (Moodle 3.6):

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