What's new in TITANium 3.4? (Academic Year 2018-2019)

You will learn about the new features offered in TITANium 3.4 for Cal State Fullerton faculty. Below are the most significant improvements you will see in our new version of TITANium for the academic year of 2018-2019.

1. Improved dashboard

The layout of the Dashboard has changed for faculty and for students. The default view is the Timeline tab. The Timeline tab for Teachers shows upcoming expected completion dates as set in individual activities. If you do not set completion dates, then you likely won't have any activities listed.

sample instructor dasboard showing one activity needing attention.
Sample Student Dashboard

The Dashboard is now organized in a way that shows all of the student's upcoming assignments and activities based on activity due dates and on expected completion dates as set within each activity.

Sample student dashboard showing activities due in next 7 days
Where are my courses listed?

1. Click on the Courses tab.

Courses tab is selected.

2. Click on the In progress, Future or Past tabs as needed.

The courses are organized by start and end dates which will determine the order of the courses listed and which tab they fall under. For example, if a course start date hasn't been reached yet, the course will be listed under the Future tab. Likewise, the course may be listed under the Past tab if the end date of the course is in the past. In progress indicates that the start date has passed but the end date has not.

In progress, Future, and Past tabs are highlighted
How do I customize my Dashboard?

Read this guide to learn about customizing the order and location of your courses, adding blocks, removing blocks, etc.

2. More efficient user management

The Participants page and the Enrolled users page are now one page showing combined data.

participants page showing more data

3. You can merge enrollments from multiple courses.

You can create a meta link, so that you can dynamically enroll students from a second (or third) section into your first section (master course). If a student adds/drops the course, the enrollment will reflect that add/drop.

Participants page.

Follow this guide to learn how to merge course enrollments.

4. Better calendar management with Drag and Drop

After you have created a Calendar event, you can drag it to a different date if desired, rather than opening, editing and saving.

Calendar showing an event being dragged.

5. Easier activity navigation

Activities and resources now allow you to navigate via link to the previous and a link to the next activity, or you may use the dropdown menu to jump to any activity or resource

activity showing navigation links and jump to dropdown menu

6. 'Stealth' activities - available but not shown

Within the Edit settings for any activity or resource, you can choose to "Hide from students". This will cause the activity or resource to be not visible to students and will hide the activity in the Gradebook.

Hide from students is selected

7. File type selector for activities

Within an Assignment activity, you can specify which file types you will allow students to upload. For example, if a student is on a MAC, but you are on a PC, you might not want to allow a PAGES document to be uploaded, as without a special plugin, you won't be able to read it.

Some sample document types listed in the screenshot include Open Office, PDF, RTF, Word 2007 (DOCX) and Word (DOC).

Assignment showing acceptable file types.

8. Set a 'Grade by' reminder

The Remind me to grade by date will post to your Dashboard letting you know you need to grade this activity.

Grade by date set to the day after the due date.

9. Expected completion date

By setting a date for the Expected completed on within the Activity completion, students will see a reminder on their Dashboard showing the activity as needing attention.

Expect completed on field is selected.

This sample student Dashboard shows the Paper #1 assignment and the expected completion date.

Student dashboard showing Paper #1 due

If you set a date for the Expect completed on field, be sure that it is the same as the Due date for that assignment. Otherwise, your students may become confused. This student Dashboard shows conflicting information.

student dashboard showing conflicting information about paper #1

10. Better activity completion management

The Bulk edit activity completion settings allow you to decide with a few clicks which activities and resources students can mark use to show their progress in the course.

bulk edit activity completion page

11. Mark activities as complete

You can mark individual student activities as being complete on behalf of the student. Sometimes, an activity does not get recorded properly and the student's activity might not be marked as complete. Use the Activity completion report to fix such errors.

activity completion report

Article Summary

You have now learned about the new features offered in TITANium 3.4.

For more information about TITANium 3.4 (Moodle 3.4):

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