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How do I use Simple Restore to copy a course? (Academic Year 2017-2018)

You will learn how to use the Simple Restore block to copy another course into your current course in TITANium for academic year 2017-2018.

Simple Restore requires that you first create a Backup file of your original course.  If you intend to use a course from a previous academic year, the backup file should be created automatically by the TITANium administrator  toward the end of each spring semester (usually in May).  So, if you have made significant changes since that backup file was made, then you should create your own backup file from the previous academic year.

The Simple Restore process will import the instructional content (files, activities, etc.) and the gradebook setup into your current  2017-2018 course.

1. Enter the 2017-2018 course

The sample course shown is a Sandbox course.

course main page

2. Click on Import all materials into current course

Follow this guide to add the Simple Restore block to your course if it does not display on your course main page.

Selecting to Import all materials into current course will import all of the content of the backup file without deleting any content you have already created in the current course.

Selecting Overwrite current course will delete all content in the current course then import all of the content from the course backup file.

Simple restore block has two choices

3. The User private backup area will display

The courses listed in the User private backup area are the courses in which you have the Teacher role and for which there is a backup file. Toward the end of each  spring semester, the TITANium administrator will make a backup file of  each of your regular courses. So, those courses should be listed at the  top of the page as well as any backups you personally make.

one course is listed
4. If your backup file is not listed, follow these sub-steps to add it.
No courses are listed.

4.1. Click on Manage backup files

 Manage backup files

4.2. Drag the backup file to the file upload area

If you have not yet made a backup file or have not yet downloaded it to your computer, read this article to learn how to create a backup file.

The file size limit is 100 MB.

If your file is larger than 100 MB, you need to send an email to lmsadmin@fullerton.edu, giving them the name of the original course and the name of the new course. You will be notified when a backup file of your original course has been uploaded. Then, you can use Simple Restore to copy the content into the new course.

Drag the backup file

4.3. Click on Save changes

Wait for the Moodle icon to appear before clicking on the Save changes button.

Save changes

5. Click on the Title of the backup file

The title of each course is a hyperlink.

6. Click on Continue


7. Click on Continue


8. The instructional content now displays

When you compare this new course to the original, you will see that they are not exact duplicates. You may need to adjust some elements of the course, such as the Blocks on the course main page and other settings like Completion tracking. Otherwise, the Grades should be the same and all of the Activities and Resources should be the same. You may need to adjust due dates or references to dates used in the previous course. If you have any External Tool activities, like Turnitin, then those will need to be re-set up.

course main page with new content

Article Summary

You have now learned how to use the Simple Restore block to copy your course from a backup file.