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What's new in TITANium 3.2? (Academic Year 2017-2018)

You will learn about the new features offered in TITANium 3.2 for Cal State Fullerton faculty. Below are the most significant improvements you will see in our new version of TITANium for the academic year of 2017-2018.

Better navigation with Boost

Boost is the new default theme for TITANium 3.2. It is designed to work and look better across the wide spectrum of devices students and faculty use to access their courses in TITANium.

However, the 3.0 theme of Clean is still available if you want to use that one instead. Read this guide to learn how to change the theme.

course with Boost theme

Easier editing with Boost

Part of the reasoning behind the Boost theme was to make editing easier. The Boost theme is carried out on the Dashboard as well as in each course.

The sample course below displays the Gear menu (top right-hand corner of the course site). The Gear menu reveals the following links: Edit settings, Turn editing on, Filters, Gradebook setup, Outcomes, Backup, Restore, Import, Recycle bin, Reset, and More...

Easier editing with Boost

Recycle bin

The Recycle bin allows you to recover an activity you have deleted within the last seven days.

Recycle bin shows recently deleted activities

Media player improvements

The new media player within TITANium 3.2 is significantly better. It allows the instructor to set the video dimensions, and it can play closed captions, subtitle tracks and more.

Media player improvements

Discussion locking

The instructor can now set a discussion forum to not allow students to make a new post, reply to post, or start a new discussion topic. However, they can still read the existing posts.

Discussion locking

Assignment overrides

Just like the Quiz module offers a user override, so too does the Assignment module.

The instructor can select specific students or groups of students to change the submission date, due date and cut-off date.

Assignment overrides

Annotatable PDF for most types of Assignment submissions

Whether a student submits a Word document, a PDF, or online text, the submission is converted to PDF and can be annotated by the instructor if desired. Below is an example of an online text submission displaying in the PDF annotation tool.

Annotatable PDF for most types of Assignment submissions

Workshop portfolio export

The Workshop tool now allows the instructor to export the student uploaded documents to an external portfolio. Students may export their own files and assessments.

Select for students in Choice

When using the Choice activity, instructors can now make selections for students, even if the student has already made a selection.

Select for students in Choice

Negative scores for rubrics

Within the Assignment activity module, the Advanced grading feature of Rubrics now allows the instructor to add negative points to the rubric. For example the last row of the sample rubric below now offers a penalty point for a late submission. To use a negative point criteria, the instructor must check the box to use the new type of calculation.

Negative scores for rubrics

User-friendly messaging and alerts

The bell and the dialog icons in the top right corner of every page within TITANium will allow the user to receive the latest notifications (the bell) and to send and receive messages (the dialog). Each user can adjust the settings as to whether the notification is sent to email, stays within TITANium, and/or is sent to the Moodle mobile app.

Article Summary

You have now learned about the new features offered in TITANium 3.2.

For more information about TITANium 3.2 (Moodle 3.2):

Moodle Docs new features webpage

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Tsuhsiang Hsu

Hello, I am a full-time faculty. I need to know how to send email to my students via Titanium. Since in the new version, "Quickmail" is no longer averrable, how could we send email to students?

Tsuhsiang (Sean) Hsu

Ken Moyer

You can use the Announcements forum (News forum) to send an email to all participants or to groups if you set it for groups and make groups in the course.
Within the Participants page, you can send a message to individuals.
Within the Message tool, you can send a message to anyone whether they are in the course or not.

Ian Roberson

Hello, Will "Quickmail" become available again soon?

Ken Moyer

Unknown. It is being reviewed for compatibility.

Michelle Rainer

Hello, Is there a way to add an attachment when sending an email via participants page? I found the method to add an image, but not a document. Thank you.

Ken Moyer

You can link to an image or link to a file which is located on the internet. You need to have the URL/address for it, but can't actually attach an image or a file - just a link to it.

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