How do I enter grades in the Grader report?

You will learn how to enter student grades and text comments directly into the gradebook using the Grader report page.

The Grader report is like a spreadsheet where you can click on a cell to enter data. Entering grades via the Grader report is a typical process for offline (face-to-face) activities, like an in-class essay or exam. For online activities, like Assignments or Quizzes, completed using TITANium, there are grading pages within each activity where you would typically enter grades and feedback.

1. Click on Grades in the Nav drawer.

Where is the Nav drawer?

1.1. Click on the Hamburger icon.

2. The Grader report page displays.

3. Click on the cell where you want to enter the grade.

4. Type the grade value.

5. Type the grade value.

6. Hit Enter on the keyboard.

7. The grade and comment have now been entered for this student.

Tip: The colored background in this case is to let you know that the grade has been entered. If you refresh the page, the cell will no longer have a colored background.

8. The Course total column is updated with each entry.

The default Course total aggregation method is Natural, meaning a sum of grade points entered into all of the grade item columns.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to enter grade points and text comments using the Grader report in your course in TITANium.


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