How do I add a Category to the gradebook?

You will learn how to add a Category to your gradebook in your course in TITANium. Categories are useful for organizing related grade items, dropping the lowest score, aggregating some grade items differently than the rest of the grade items, and showing subtotals.

Follow these steps to create a new Category.

1. Enter your course.

2. Click on the Gear icon.

3. Select Gradebook settings.

4. The Gradebook settings page will display showing your list of grade items.

5. Click on Add category.

6. Type a title for the category.

7. Select a method of aggregating the grade items you plan to put in this category.

Natural is the default aggregation method for categories and for the Course total. It is summing the points, but can also do weights.

Weighted mean of grades is also a commonly used aggregation method where you can specify the weight of each grade item within the category.

8. Click on Save changes.

9. The new category now appears at the bottom of the Gradebook settings page.

10. Tick the checkboxes of the grade items you want to move into the new category.

11. Use the dropdown menu to select the name of the new category.

12. Those grade items are now in that category.

Article Summary

You have now learned how to create a Category in the gradebook in your course in TITANium.


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